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Professional speaker rental in Chicago, Hawaii and San Antonio

Sample Loulu Palm Wedding Packages:

Wedding Ceremony ONLY Packages:

Just Press Play Productions MC Service:

Speaker Rental For One Location:

  • $250  Basic Speaker Rental, Wireless Mic and Mic Stand

Speaker Rental For Two Locations:

  • $340  Basic Speaker Rental for Tent, Bose Compact Speaker Rental for Ceremony, Wireless Mic and Mic Stand

Speaker Rental with a Speaker System Move 

  • $310  Basic Speaker Rental, Wireless Mic.  System moved from Ceremony site to Reception site.  

                   (Takes about 20 minutes to move speaker from one location to the other.)                                      

With Just Press Play Productions you have many options for your wedding at Loulu Palms.

Our Basic Service includes a Bose Speaker System, connections to your laptop or portable music player, Wired Mic & Mic Stand and delivery, setup and pickup.  

You compile the music on your portable music players and we connect them to our Bose speaker systems.  We just connect into the headphone jack of your player so it can be any generation, any brand and any size. 

Or you can hire our MC Service and have our staff on site to operate your music players for you and to help make the transitions from song to song as smooth as possible and monitor the volume level of the music.  Additionally, we will make announcements as well and help with transition from event to event.  And we can move speakers from one area to another if you choose.  

With this service we will also send you a four-page document about three weeks in advance of your wedding.  You fill out the information and send it back to us.  If your MC has questions, they will contact you.  This comes free with our MC Service for weddings.

Because we work at Loulu Palms frequently, below are some of our recommended packages... 

​Includes Speaker System, Wireless Mic and Boom Mic Stand, Delivery, Setup and Pickup. 

  • $240  good for most Ceremonies of 150 guests or less.  
  • $250  good for most Ceremonies of 250 guests or less. 

This is a venue Just Press Play works at frequently.  A beautiful venue with a house to use for your wedding preparations and a beautiful lawn that goes all the way to the beach to use for your reception and ceremony.   

Loulu Palms at Night


Weddings at Loulu Palms

Speaker Rental For One Location with 5 hours of MC Service:

  • $400  Basic Speaker Rental, Wireless Mic & Mic Stand, 5 Hours of MC Service

Speaker Rental For Two Locations with 5 hours of MC Serivce:

  • $490  Basic Speaker Rental for Tent, Bose Compact Speaker Rental for Ceremony, Wireless Mic and Mic Stand,

                   5 Hours of MC Service.

         For more than 5 hours, just add on $30 per additional hour.  For less than 5 hours, just subtract $30 per hour


         **​This prices are for weddings of less than 150 guests.  For larger weddings a larger speaker system will be necessary.