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Using Your Smart Phone

    Leave the phone at the DJ table.

    • If you are providing a smart phone as even a backup player, you need to be able to leave this at the DJ table, connected to the speaker system.  A backup is only good if it can easily be accessed if something goes wrong with the main player.

    Make sure the phone is in Airplane Mode. 

    • We don't recommend using a smart phone as your main music player for your event, for some obvious reasons, like you might need to use it as a phone during your event, but if you do, make sure it is set in the airplane mode.  

    You might need to remove the heavy duty protective case.

    • Many have protected their smart phones with heavy duty cases.  If this is the case it probably is best to remove it for the party.  Sometimes it is hard to access the phone plug with these cases.  

    The Headphone Jack

    • Something to keep in mind with some phones no longer have a headphone jack.  We have the adaptors for iPhones.  Some Google phones don't have a headphone jack so you will need to provide the adaptor.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING THE ADAPTER, but keep in mind this adapter connects to the charging port on the phone.  This means you will not be able to charge the phone during the party.  Again, this is why we don't recommend phones as your main player.
    • Also, they do make an adapter you can buy that does allow you to plug in headphones and charge the phone at the same time.  They cost around $20.

    Password protection and Screen Timeouts

    • Be sure to turn off password protection.  ESPECIALLY if it requires a fingerprint!  It is tough to try and suddenly play music on your phone if you first have to go through a password screen.
    • Screen Timeout.  Again, if you can change the screen to never shut off, or to the longest timeout amount available, this will be helpful.  If the screen goes blank while you are waiting for a song to end so you can switch to another song, this will really mess you up. 

    MC/Sound Man Service:  

    If you hire Just Press Play's MC or Sound Man Service we can help with some of these settings for you. 

    Using your smart phone as one of your players (preferably a backup) can be done, but here are some tips to keep in mind.

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