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TIDAL like Spotify gives you a lot of music choices for a reasonable monthly charge.  Unlike Spotify, you can only go with a paid version.  There is no free version available.  Currently  the charge for the regular version is $10 a month or $20 a month for their HiFi version but they have a deal where the first month is free.

With the paid version of TIDAL, you get access to just about any song you will need.  You can make playlists and search for music and artists and even look at other playlists to get ideas much like spotify.  Unlike Spotify there is no way to download the music on to your computer, so you must have wifi to use TIDAL for your party.  However, you can download the music if you are using your phone. 

TIDAL is one of the newest kids on the block as far as music platforms are concerned.  It is designed for a better audio experience than other platforms with their HiFi version giving you the same quality as you would get from a CD as opposed to a compressed audio file like you find on Spotify and iTunes.

Spotify and ITunes, in our opinion, are still better, but TIDAL comes in third place.   

Selecting Songs is Easy, But it's not like spotify in many ways.

Using the Play Queue.

Make sure you have a fast internet connection!

There are different apps for different devices.  So far all I have tried is the laptop version.  I do know you can download your music from the Android and the iPhone Apps.  Below is a link to a website that will give you more information about downloading your playlists onto those devices.

One last tip.  Make sure you have a strong and fast internet connection.  My first experience using TIDAL at a party was not great.  The internet connection was not fast enough to keep up with the amount of data that was needed to play the music.  this caused the music to drop out periodically.  At some points it happend at least once per song.

TIP: Sign up for TIDAL two months before your wedding.  The first month will be free and the second month will only be $10.  Meaning you can get

all the music for your wedding for only $10!

Using the Play Queue is the best way to manage your music and line up songs to play next.

Once you hit play on the first song in your playlist, it will load up the whole playlist in your Play Queue.  And from there you can move songs around.  You can access the Play Queue from an icon in the bottom right corner.  From here you can move songs around and if you want to search for a song and add it to the Play Queue, you can! 

It's a little confusing, because there is now two playlist on your screen.  Just pay attention to the Play Queue playlist and you will be fine. 

With TIDAL on your laptop you can make playlists and rearrange songs easily.  There is no crossfade, so you will need to rely on Just Press Play staff to make the transitions from song to song as seamless as possible or, you will need to do it yourself.  Also, unlike Spotify, when you hit the button to go to the next song, there is a 1 second pause.  It does not move instantly to the next track.

There is a search bar which you can type in an artist or a song to search for matches.  For example, if you want some Michael Jackson in your playlist, you can type in Michael Jackson, and then click on Michael Jackson under “Artist” and it will bring up the top 10 Michael Jackson songs. You can expand that to the top 10.  This Top 10 is according to TIDAL and in my experience, usually just has tracks from the artists latest album. 

​Warning, unlike Spotify, as you move songs around in your playlist, as it is playing, the player does not adjust.  For example, if you are playing the first song, and decide to change the second song while it is playing, it will not go to your new second song, it will go to the song that was originally assigned to play after the first song.  Basically, it will play the playlist in the order it was when you started playing the playlist.  

Using TIDAL on other Devices.

Using TIDAL For Your Wedding

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