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Spotify gives you a lot of music choices for a reasonable monthly charge.  The paid premium version is really the best option to go with for Spotify to even compete with iTunes.  Generally the charge is $10 a month, but they often have a deal where the first month is free.

With the paid premium version of Spotify, you not only get access to just about any song you will need, but you can make playlists and download them onto multiple  players.  This means you do not have to have Wifi to access the playlists and by having it available on multiple players allows you to have a backup.

Save some of this with Spotify!

Selecting Songs is Easy!

On your Wedding Day...

Before leaving to the wedding venue...

Type in "Weddings" in the Search Bar at the Top and you will see a lot of playlists related to weddings!  

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TIP: Sign up for Spotify two months before your wedding.  The first month will be free and the second month will only be $10.  Meaning you can get

all the music for your wedding for only $10!

With Spotify on your laptop you can make playlists and rearrange songs on the fly easily.  There is a crossfade feature and the volume level between songs is much less of an issue than it is with iTunes.  Also the crossfade feature is better on Spotify than it is on iTunes. 

There is a search bar which you can type in an artist or a song to search for matches.  For example, if you want some Michael Jackson in your playlist, you can type in Michael Jackson, and then click on Michael Jackson under “Artist” and it will bring up the top 5 Michael Jackson songs. You can expand that to the top 10.  This Top 5 or Top 10 is according to Spotify and how many times someone has played the song on Spotify.

Using Spotify For Your Wedding

On the big day, here are a few tips for your music settings.  Although if you hire Just Press Play Productions we can help you with these settings.

First, Click on Edit and go to Preferences. 
-Click on High Quality Streaming, you purchased Spotify already for the month so you have the premium version which allows this.
-Under the Social section, I normally turn all these off.  It makes it less confusing for whoever is pressing play for you.
-If you have songs available on other platforms you can select these as well. But normally these do not work well in the offline mode, so you will need to be connected to the internet to access these songs.
-Under display options I turn off the first three as again, it just makes the interface more confusing to whoever is pressing play.

Now click on “Show Advanced Settings”
Really the only thing you need to set here is the crossfade.  I have found that somewhere between 7 or 8 is the best place.  Generally, during background music 7 is the best and 8 is better during dance music.  But if you want to set it and forget it, I would put it at 7.

For iPhones and iPads, etc., again the layout is a little different and to get to these settings you will have to go to Settings (The gear symbol) and then to Playback to find many of these same settings.  

Now for probably the most important tip I can give you about using Spotify.  After you have made all your playlists, all your songs are in and ready, before you leave to the wedding venue, preferably maybe the night before your wedding day, you need to make your playlists available OFF-LINE. 

This will allow you to use multiple players at the same time and you will not have any issues being able to play a song because internet access has been lost. 

This is a two-step process:  This first step needs to be done with each individual playlist, while still connected to the internet.  Click the switch on the top right  of the playlist that says download.  Once you do that you will see the spiny wheels going and once the songs are downloaded a plus sign will appear next to it.  Be patient and make sure all songs have been downloaded before moving to the next step.

For the Second Step, once all the songs on each playlist are downloaded, go to File and then click Offline Mode.  Now your playlists are downloaded on to your computer and you can operate each additional player independently of the computer.

For iPhones and iPads, etc., the layout is a little different and to get to the Offline Mode you will have to go to Settings (The gear symbol) and then to Playback and click Offline and wait for each playlist to get the green symbol. 


This is a little tough with Spotify.  The best tip is to take a screenshot of the playlist and print the screenshot.

Spotify is the most used platform. 

It's better than iTunes in many ways but ultimately iTunes

still offers the best experience, if you have the time to put into it.