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I had reported earlier on this site that you can download the songs on to your device.  I just did a wedding recently and could not find a way to download the songs on to the laptop.  This may be only available on a mobile device like a phone or a tablet.   Unless you can figure out how to download the songs on to your laptop I would use this cautiously.

I was at a hotel and the wifi was not great.  And the more guests who used it, the strength of the wifi decreased and so did the music until it just was not audible.  Make sure your venue has wifi capable of handling steaming your music all throught the event.

In Conlusion...

three things Spotify has over Amazon Music are: #1 the crossfade.  Having no gap between songs is just a really nice feature.  #2 is it is much easier to create a playlist on Spotify.  (I admit, I have a lot of experience with Spotify and so maybe their is a learning curve but it is just confusing as to what songs you have access to, what songs are in your library and what songs you have to pay for etc.) And #3, Spotify has a lot more free music.  You do not have to pay for any song in their entire library and they have just about everything.  

The one thing Amazon Music has over Spotify is the ability to purchase songs that are not included in the free library easily.  (FYI, you can do that with Spotify, but you need to have an iTunes account and you can purchase the song from iTunes and then in the advanced settings for Spotify you can add your iTunes Library to the Spotify libraries.)  

Amazon Music is OK.  A little clunky but it has the basics and it will work for your event.

First, you have to sign up for the free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime.  

Secondly, you have to download their music player.  If you are already an Amazon Prime member you do get Amazon Music for free.
From there it get's a little confusing.  I have bought music from Amazon's Digital Music Library in the past, so I have a collection of songs already via Amazon.  I have that library and then there is Amazon's library I could select songs from.  And it's a little clunky getting from one to the other.  

With Spotify you can just click "add songs" and then start typing in song names and they pop up, under songs, Albums, Artists.  But songs comes up first.  With Amazon Music, it just shows you albums and then you have to click on the album.  If you have a playlist already started, you can easily drag these songs over to your playlist which is nice.  It is just tough finding the songs. 

It looks similar to Spotify.  It has the shuffle option and the repeat a playlist option which is nice.  You can skip to the next song, you can skip ahead in a song, you can change the volume.  All features available with Spotify and iTunes.  

One thing I like, as a DJ, is that it has a counter that counts down the time left in the song, but also tells you the total length of the song.  (This is not really useful except to the person playing the music during your event. )

One thing missing, that iTunes and Spotify have, is a crossfader.  This is a feature that allows you to have one song fade nicely into the next song so their are no gaps between songs.  This is a feature we use a lot at our events.

Important...You don't get every song for free!

Amazon Music has been used a couple times at our events.  I did a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime and had a chance to play around with it a little.   

Comparing to Spotify because it's the Number one platform our customers use.


Using Amazon Music For Your Wedding

Yes, unlike Spotify, you do not get free access to every song in their library. 

There is a lot of music to choose from but some will cost you $1.29.  I think Spotify has a lot more FREE songs than Amazon Music.  However, one of the downsides to Spotify is that there are a few songs you can't get.  With Amazon Prime, you have a better chance of having access to just about any song, you just might have to pay $1.29 for a few of your songs.  

The player itself is nice and easy to navigate through your playlists.