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Professional speaker rental in Chicago, Hawaii and San Antonio

If you have not hired Just Press Play's MC/Soundman service then you will need some help from some friends and family to run the show.  Here is what we recommend for those designated people...

  • Make sure the designated person(s) responsible for operating the players is there no later than 30 minutes after arranged setup time.  
  • Make sure the designated person(s) will be available during the event to turn on and stop the music and turn on the microphone when needed.  (Note: More than one person can be designated to do these duties but both need to be there at the time of setup.)
  • Appoint someone to make general announcements so your guests are aware of what is happening. 

Hiring a professional company to provide your speaker rental is a must.  Many people think they can just bring speakers from home, buy the speaker box at Costco or Sams Club or just plug into the speakers at the venue and they will be good.  Although all of these alternative options will provide sound, it may just be noise and not good sound.  

What Just Press Play provides above and beyond these options is:

  • Bose Speaker Systems that have been providing sound for successful parties for 10 years.
  • The ability to control the volume easily for your music players and mics.
  • The ability to connect more than one player so you can have a backup!
  • Professional setup to make sure everything is setup and connected correctly.
  • Sound Check.  To make sure your music players sound great.
  • Delivery and pickup.  This means one less thing you have to worry about on your party day.  

This is covered in depth in the "Music Players" link above, but here are the basics...

  • We recommend a laptop as your main source and a portable player as your backup.  
  • Make sure you have a backup.  You can have your music backed up on a phone or another device.  Most helpful if the device you have as a backup is either setup with the main player or can be accessed quickly.

Make sure there is an electric outlet close to where you want the speaker system setup.  We have long extension cables (50 feet) but if they have to go across doors or long distances they can be dangerous and unsightly. 


If you have tables between where you want us to setup and the dance floor, you might have guests complaining it is too loud.

Also, when planning your seating arrangements, make sure people who will be most disturbed by loud music are not the closest to where you want the speakers set up.

Our Bose Speaker towers will disperse sound at 180 degrees from the speaker tower.  This means we can basically setup just about anywhere in a square or rectangle room.  If the room is "L" shaped, it's best to have us setup in the corner of the "L" so the speaker is facing down both sides.  

The speaker towers will not go around corners or into another room that is separated by a doorway.  If you need sound for this type of a space we recommend adding on an additional speaker system.

The Process

Placement...The best place to setup our Bose Speakers at your venue.

Just Press Play Productions not only wants to provide you with great Bose Speaker Systems and Great Service but also the Tools to Help you have a SUCCESSFUL PARTY! 

Your Music Players.

Check out Just Press Play's Services in your Area...

The next step is to start working on your music.


Be sure access to the room is available at least an hour before people are going to show up.  We will also require a table to setup your players on.  If one is not available, let us know we have one for rent for $10 with table cloth.

IMPORTANT!!!!  Be sure you have your music players to us at least 30 minutes after our scheduled setup time.  This is important because we connect your players to the speakers and make sure your playsers are setup properly and sounding good.


Be sure that there is at least 45 minutes of time for the equipment to be packed up at the conclusion of your event.  

Setup and Pickup.


This is covered in depth in the "Your Music" link above, but here are the basics...

  • Make playlists, lots of playlists, a playlist for every event during your event. 
  • Choose at least 20 songs for each hour of your party.
  • If you are concerned about the space between songs, you can edit most of this out in iTunes.  And/or use crossfade if available.   
  • ​Be sure the songs you acquire are from good reputable sources, i.e. CD's, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Yahoo etc.  Usually if you pay for the song you are going to have better quality.  Remember we are amplifying your music.  So if it sounds a little fuzzy or weak we will be amplifying it at least 300 times louder.

Be sure to tell Just Press Play as many details about your event in advance.  This way we can help you with a more successful event.  It does not always mean it cost's more, it just helps us setup the equipment so it works for your event the best.   

What you need to know For a Successful Party!

Provide us much information as possible.

Of course the first step is to hire Just Press Play Productions!

Organizing your Music.

Who is running the show?