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We see this a lot.  The music players arrive last.  A Groomsman or Bridesmaid is responsible for bringing them, but they are late getting to the venue.  

Suggestion:  Bring the music players with the decorations.

All of these options do not include delivery, setup and pickup.  Some of them might not include a microphone and a microphone stand.  Most of them probably do not give you the ability to connect more than one music player.  

Just Press Play's Basic iPod DJ Service for $200 includes all of this. Consider this option before wasting a lot of time and concern over the other suggestions. 

It's really easy to do.  If you are using Spotify or iTunes, all you need to do is be able to log into your account.  We normally suggest a laptop as your #1 player and then have a tablet, iPod, Smart Phone for your backup.

#6 One Big Music List

7 Things to Avoid Disaster at Your DIY Wedding

To avoid people just sitting down at your wedding, be sure to pick the right songs.

#1 Rule: Pick songs that will make you run to the dance floor!

  1. Having an Inadequate Speaker System
  2. Have Too Few Songs
  3. No Backup
  4. Doing It Yourself
  5. Bring Your Players Just Before Guests Arrive
  6. One Big Music List
  7. Choosing the Wrong Songs

Hard to get married, get introduced, have your first dance, etc., etc. and press play and make the announcements.  Find some volunteers.

#4 Doing It Yourself

#3 No Backup

#1 Having an Inadequate 

Speaker System

Making Multiple Playlists is really important.

#2 Having Too Few Songs

#5 Bring Your Players Just Before Guests Arrive

  • The Magic Number is 20! Twenty songs per hour. If follow this, you will not run out of music.

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Probably see this just as much as not having enough music.  It's your Wedding!  Have a backup!

  • Ceremony
  • Cocktails
  • Dinner
  • Specials
  • Fast Dance
  • Slow Dance

Actually, these seven guests are watching the bride and grooms first dance.  Your guests came to celebrate your special day. They did not come to dance.  They will do what you do.  If this bride and groom stay on the dance floor when the dance music starts, the dance floor will be packed!

Obviously, we suggest you rent our speakers.  But suppose you don't have $200 in your budget for speakers? Here are some alternative suggestions:

  • Use the speakers in your venue.  Many venues have a speaker system built in.  Some might even have a portable speaker for you to use.  
  • Borrow speakers.  Be sure they are powered speakers, if not, you will need an amplifier to power them.  You will also need the ability to connect your music players to the speaker system as well.  If the powered speakers, or amplifier, do not have an input you will need a mixer to connect to the amplifier or speakers.
  • Purchase a speaker system. I have seen these at Sams Club and Costco and I assume you can find them other places too. They run about $50 - $100. Very portable, have the ability to connect your music player, and often even have a microphone or the ability to connect a microphone. Downside, probably good for weddings of 50 people or less.

With any of these options be sure to TEST THEM!  Take your music player and plug it into their speaker system.  Turn the music up as loud as you can.  Each guest while talking is about 3 watts of sound.  You need to be able to surpass that.  If you have 50 guests talking that is 150 watts.  If you have 100 guests talking that is 300 watts.  If you know how many watts the speaker system is, great.​

Notice I said VOLUNTEERS, plural.  One helper is great, but that means that person does not enjoy themselves at all.  Pick a few volunteers so they can take shifts.

I know they call it a DIY Wedding, but that does not mean the bride and groom do it all themselves!

If you think about it, the music is just as much a part of the decor and the setup of the space, so bring them all together!

The most important thing to avoid disaster is to have speakers and amplification that will work for you.

And here comes the sales pitch...

#7 Picking the Wrong Songs

We see this more than just about anything else, not enough music.