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Before you pay for the music for your Wedding, you should read this first and learn how to get it for only $10

Spotify is now the number ONE music platform we see now.

Spotify is almost as good as iTunes.  In our opinion.  It definitely gives you a lot more music choices for a reasonable monthly charge.  The paid version is really the best option to go with for Spotify.  

Great Features of Spotify Premium (Paid Version)

  • $10 a month (FREE 30 day trial may also be available).
  • Access to just about any song you will need and available on multiple players, which is good.  Always good to have a backup.
  • With Spotify on your laptop you can make playlists and rearrange songs on the fly easily.
  • Crossfade feature is much better than the one in iTunes and will automatically fade the volume between songs so you never have a silent moment. This is especially useful during dancing.
  • Sound level normalizing is much less of an issue than it is with iTunes.  This keeps the volume level the same between songs instead of the common issue where one song is louder / softer than another requiring adjustments with each new song that is played.

Helpful Tip

The key thing to remember with Spotify is to make your playlists available OFF Line the day of the event.  This way you can use both players at the same time and you don't have any issues of not being able to play a song because internet access has been lost.  This needs to be done with each individual playlist, while still connected to the internet.  Once all playlists are made available offline, go to Settings (The gear symbol) and then to Playback and click the Offline so it turns green.  Now your playlists are downloaded and you can operate each player independently of the other players.

What about iTunes?

ITunes is better in some ways, because you download songs from CD's and from Amazon.com and the iTunes store.  So you have a lot more options as far as song choice.  With Spotify you are pretty much stuck with what they have in their library.  Also with iTunes you don't have to make the playlists available off line.  They are just there regardless if you are on-line or not.  And finally, you only have to spend money for songs you can't get from CD's.  Most usually end up spending less than $50 on music.  For Spotify Premium it is $10 a month.  If you sign up more than 5 months away form your event you have spent the same amount of money.