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CAUTION:  Sometimes the "Sound Check" feature and the "Crossfade" feature do not work well together.  The Sound Check is trying to increase or decrease the volume to match the previous song while the crossfader is fading one song out and the next song in.  Lot's of volume adjusting going on and it can sometime cause problems.

iPod Nano

If you have an iPod that looks like this one in the picture above, you have one of the few iPod's that have the audio crossfade feature on them.  Not all iPod Nano's have it, but most of them do.  Look for the "Playback" feature in the settings to find the "Audio Crossfade."

Audio Crossfade. This term "crossfade" simply means that the song playing will fade out with about 10 seconds to the end of the song and slowly fade into the next song on your playlist. Thus getting rid of the dreaded pause between songs.

You can edit your songs in iTunes to help eliminate most of the dreaded pause but with this feature you don't have to worry about the pause as much. I recommended to iPod DJ's that they use their laptop because iTunes has always had this feature available. But it is available on most iPod Nano's.  (This feature is not available on the iPod Classic.) 

Something to keep in mind. The crossfade feature works well with playlists already created. But if you are making an "On The Go" playlist, you need to realize it will take the iPod Nano a couple of songs before the feature kicks in. Also, if you decide to switch to another playlist or another song instead of the next one on the list, beware, because about 10 seconds to the end of the song it is going to start going to the next song. So if you want to go to a different playlist or song not next on the playlist, you better turn the feature off before making the switch.

Where to find this feature on your iPod Nano?

Go to Settings >> Playback >> and then Audio Crossfade, ON or OFF.

Be sure to turn the "Sound Check" feature OFF when using the "Audio Crossfade" feature as they do not work well together.

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