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With the iPod DJ service you get to do something unique and different with your song order. If you want advice on how the general flow of the songs in your dance playlist should go, this is for you. These are basic tips. You can vary from the formula however you think works best for you.  

What songs go together? Matching like genres. Some think this is fun. Putting two 80's songs together is OK, but usually the novelty wears off quick. Also, be careful of going from a 50's or 60's song to a 90's or current day song. This is usually two different audiences and you can cause a lot of turnover on the dance floor. Fun ageless dance songs are the best to put in between two drastic genres. Michael Jackson has many ageless dance songs. And sometimes disco songs or funk songs from the 70’s work well to for this transition.  

At most weddings, there is a large range in ages.  This is what makes weddings more difficult than most other types of parties.  However, #1 rule still applies: Pick songs that will make you run to the dance floor.

* I have been a DJ for over 30 years and have seen this formula not work many times. But 90% of the time this works best.

Usually it's a good idea to play one slow dance about every 35-45 minutes, especially in the beginning of the night.  Keep your slow dances limited to one long song or two short songs.  

How To Order Songs For Your Wedding

Appeal to kids and Grandparents

Matching songs

Start off with music that will appeal to the whole audience, form the kids to the grandparents. Like older songs, fun songs and dance song classics.  I generally will start off with 3-5 of these songs and then put in a good modern dance song, something less than a couple years old.  Then back to the oldies and classics.  About song #6-9 you are going to want to have a slow dance. 

After this you can start to play more modern songs, mixed in with the occasional oldie or dance classic.  Generally, by the time you get to the last hour of the night you are going to be playing mostly modern dance songs and this is most likely where most of the bride and groom's “must play” songs will be.

  • What's great about making your own playlist is you can do whatever you want.  I had a customer put a slow song for every fast song on the playlist. The order was, slow-fast-slow-fast the whole night. And the dance floor was packed the whole night! You do have to consider your audience.
  • If you love to a dance to a certain song, don't be afraid to put it in there twice.  There is no rule about not playing a song twice.  Remember, you make the rules.
  • And again, the #1 rule: If you select songs you love to dance to then you will be dancing and enjoying yourself and your guests will follow.  

Note:  If you hire Just Press Play's MC Service you do not need to worry about the order the songs are in.  Your MC will take care of this for you if you choose.

Slow Dances

Want to be a DJ huh?  No problem, here are some tips...

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