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This is a time for eating and socializing. The music will not be turned up loud, so you will miss many of the songs. There are several ways to select music for dinner. 

  • Sometimes your parents will request a certain style of music for dinner. Make them happy and go with it. 
  • Many couples put their favorite songs in this playlist.  NOT their favorite dance songs, just their favorite songs.  
  • Some just want jazz or classical background music. There are many classical string and piano versions of popular songs which work very well for dinner music.  

#1 Rule: Pick songs that will make you run to the dance floor.

This is the secret to getting people to dance.  If the bride and groom are on the dance floor, people will dance.  You can play the best dance songs, but if the bride and groom are not dancing or at least next to the dance floor, your guest may still not dance.  They came to celebrate your wedding. They will do what you do.

I have rarely seen a bride and groom dancing on the dance floor all by themselves, outside of their first dance.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not put your favorite songs in the dance music.  Just because you like the song does not mean you want to dance to it.   

  • Start choosing songs as soon as possible

  • #1 Rule for Dance Music...Pick songs that will make you run to the dance floor. 

How To Make Playlists For Your Wedding


WHEN TO START MAKING PLAYLISTS?  It’s never too early.  Start with just three playlists; Cocktails, Dinner, Dancing.  As you hear songs you love add them to one of these playlists. As you get closer to the date you can make more playlists.

FUN FACT:  I have had several couples who love Heavy Metal music, find classical versions of the songs and put them in the dinner playlist.  I saw a groom "head banging" one time to a classical version of Guns N Roses "Paradise City" while eating dinner.



This is normally a time for pictures so again, the bride and groom will most likely not hear most of this music.  Pick songs you think your guests will like.  Choose up-beat music, to keep guests in a good mood while they wait to be fed.  Many guests come hungry to weddings and can get grumpy waiting for dinner.  

Usually music the bride and groom will not hear this music, so pick music your guests and family will enjoy, not necessarily your favorite music.  However, you can also pick songs which reflect you.  If you or your spouse have some favorite artists, go ahead and include them in the playlist also.  Generally this is low-key music, nothing too crazy.

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every time you hear a song you love, note it down.  Most cell phones have a notepad on them, just note it down on your phone.  As you get a couple months away from your wedding you can start to put them into specific playlists.
ask your guests to include a song suggestion with their RSVP card.  The key word is “suggestion.”  DO NOT promise their suggestion will be played, it is simply a song for you to consider putting into your playlists.  This is your special day, not theirs.  You want to hear music you love on this day.

Below are some suggestions for choosing songs for each portion of your wedding: