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How to DJ With an iPod

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I have tried using the "On The Go" playlist on many iPod's.  If you make the playlist while the iPod is not already playing the "On The Go" playlist works great. If you continue to add songs to the "On The Go" playlist while it is playing it sometimes skips back to songs you already played. The strange thing is that your screen will say you are playing the next song on the playlist but it is not? I have tried to address this with Apple but have not received any good response from them as to why this is.

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iPod Setup.

Mixing from song to song.

Of course the best thing you can do is hire Just Press Play's MC Service!  But if that's not in the budget, here is how to do it yourself...

With the popularity of Smart Phones, iPods are not used often.  But if do want to DJ your party with an iPod here are some good tips. 

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A Word of Caution.

Keep in mind if your iPod has a crossfade feature, turning that on is usually the best way to go.  But if not, here is the next best thing: 

While the first song on your playlist is playing, hit the menu key on the spin wheel and go back to the playlist, locate the next song by highlighting it with the spin wheel. With 10 seconds left in the song or if the song starts fading, hit the menu key on the spin wheel again and you will see the song is still highlighted. Fade down the song with the volume on your Audio System (with Just Press Play Productions we provide a small proprietary iPod DJ Black Box with volume controls). After fading down, hit the center key on the spin wheel and the song highlighted will start. Next fade up the volume on the Audio System again. 

Obviously the faster you can do the fade down and fade up process the better. By using the volume control on the mixer, or Just Press Play's Black Box, you can go from song to song, even when they are not in order.  This makes it sound like the songs are mixed but most importantly you will get rid of those pauses between songs.

                                     Always bring an AC adapter or charging cord for the iPods and plug them in.  

                                     Change the setting for the backlight and make sure it is set to "Always On."

  Turn the "clicker" off.  And if you have any additional features like "shake to shuffle," turn those off too.