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Their are many websites available on the internet with song suggestions for your first dances.  Wedding Wire and The Knot both have good lists.

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Combine Songs

The Couples First Dance - Father/Daughter Dance - Mother/Son Dance

Another option is to choose just one or two songs for all three first dances.  A First Dance Song and then a song you both dance to with your parents.  Now you have shortened your song search down to one or two songs.

Many couples spend more time picking the first few dances then they do the rest of the songs. here are some suggestions: 

Choose your songs last.  Make your song lists and then look through your lists and often you will realize there's a good song already in your lists.  Again, remember you only need a couple of minutes of the song and it is easy to fade out. 

Choose Last

Don't Forget the Fade!

 With Just Press Play Productions equipment you or your MC will have the ability to fade out of any song.

How To Choose Songs for your first Dances

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Song Length

First, how long you want to dance for? Many couples will select a 5 minute song and after a couple of minutes on the dance floor by themselves it gets awkward. Unless you have a dance routine planned for the entire song, you should look for a shorter song or plan on fading out. With Just Press Play’s setup, it is easy to fade out of a song.