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Great Request Story

I have been in the DJ business, in radio and mobile, for over 30 years.  Never has anyone requested a song that really was a complete hit where everyone got up and danced.  Until this one special night...

I was the MC for a couple who were celebrating their 25th anniversary and were renewing their vows and having the whole ceremony and reception all over again.  They wanted the same music they had played 25 years ago at their wedding. This meant Bob Seger, Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, etc..  

Along comes their teenage daughter who requests, The Hansen Brothers "Mmm Bop."  I spend 5 minutes with her explaining how the song does not fit, I don't have it, the dog ate it, every excuse in the book I could think of.  She informed me she had the song on her own iPod and swore up and down it would be a big hit and her parents loved the song.  I could not shake her.  I finally gave in, plugged in her iPod and played the song.

This was it!  The big hit request I had been looking for! There was not an empty seat, the dance floor was completely packed, people were yelling and screaming and throwing their hands up in the air like they just didn't care!  Finally, a truly great request.  One minute into the song, the daughter comes back to me and says "give me back my iPod!"  "What!"  I exclaimed.  "It was supposed to be a joke," she said. and then my heart sank.  I was back to where I was before, still in search of an actual genuine request that would be a "hit."

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