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#4 Don't leave the password protection or Screensaver on. 

#2 Don't delay in Getting Music Players to the Venue

Your laptop, tablet, phone, iPod, etc., will use more battery power when it is being constantly used for 4 - 8 hours.  Why risk it?  Just bring the power cord or charger for your device and you will be happy.

This is the biggest mistake customers make

#5 Don't Skimp On The Music.

The link provided here will give you access to over 4 hours of music to help you get started.  

Most parties need around 100 - 140 songs, so we have given you over half of the music already.  

If you are worried about spending a lot of money on songs, use Spotify.  For $10 or less you can have just about every song out there.  Also, you can check out many CD's for free at the library and download them into your iTunes.

Plan for more music for dinner than any other playlist.  If anything will go longer than you expect it will be dinner.

And take a few moments and organize the music into playlists.  Separate the slow songs and the fast songs for the dance portion of your party.  

Almost every device has the ability to turn this off.  It is important that you do this for your event or party. 

Be sure to have at least 20 songs per hour downloaded.

#3 Don't Forget to Bring the power cord or charger

With only one music player, not only does this mean you do not have a backup but it also makes it so the MC can't pre-listen to songs.  Having a second player available makes it possible to listen to some of the songs you have selected while the other player is playing music.  This will help your MC better select songs for you.  Even if you want to play all the songs in order, by being able to listen to them on another device, your MC will know when the slow songs are coming up and can adjust the volume appropriately

If the one player you brought should fail for some reason, there will be no music playing.  Just silence. This can ruin a party more than just about anything else.

  1. Don't Assume One Player is Enough
  2. Get Players to Venue As Early as Possible
  3. Don't Forget a Power Cord or Charger
  4. Don't Leave Password Protections or Screen Savers On
  5. Don't Skimp On The Music​

5 Things to Avoid for a Stress Free Party

Don't delay in getting the music players to your MC or Sound Specialist.  We normally ask you have the music players to us at the latest 30 minutes after we arrive.  We generally arrive around 1 1/2 hours before guests start arriving.  

By getting the music players to us as soon as possible, allows us time to connect your music players, test the volume levels and help get the settings right.  

Also if you have hired our MC Service, this gives your MC time to preview the most important songs of the event to make sure they are there and don't have funny intro's we might need to avoid.

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By doing this, you are not stuck unable to change the song or playlist because you forgot the password or you have to type in the password before you can make the change in music.  

You can leave the password on a sticky note attached to the device, but again, by just turning the password protection off is much easier.

Many customers do not put getting the music players to the venue down as a priority.

#1 Don't Assume One Player is Enough