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At the very least, make a Fast Dance playlist and a Slow Dance playlist.

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Dancs Music Playlists Info For Your Wedding

GREAT TIP:  Always get your music players as early as possible to the venue.  This will allow whoever is connecting your player to the speaker system, time to get it connected, sounding good, and have some time with your player and playlists before the wedding starts.

For the dance portion, you can create an "Early Fast Dance" playlist and a "Late Fast Dance" playlist. 

This way you can put the songs you want played later in the night in the "Late" playlist when hopefully the older guests will not be too shocked to hear a song like "Sexyback" or "Teach Me How to Dougie." 

In the "Early" playlist put songs your grandparents and children would like to dance to.  

customers have also organizes dance playlists by:

  • genre of music

  • by decade

  • as Groom’s Songs and Bride’s Songs.

  • By Hour (Example: 1st Hour Playlist, 2nd Hour Playlist, etc.) 

A Must Play, playlist is always helpful.  Songs which must be played at some point during dancing.

FUN TIP:  Many weddings provide some flip flops so the ladies can kick off the high heels and dance in comfort.  Many dollar stores sell flip flops and Old Navy has a $1 Flip Flop sale on a day in June.  I believe I have even seen them for $1 at Walmart as well.