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The biggest mistake most customers make is to not have a Backup music player.  

They bring a laptop and assume that nothing will go wrong.

The second biggest mistake customers make is designate the backup player as their phone.  

And then they don't want to give up their phone for the whole party.  As a backup player, it needs to be tested and connected, so if the main player fails you can easily switch right over to the backup.  If  the backup is someone's phone, and the main player fails, you have to go and find that person and their phone before the music can resume playing.  

As regular DJ’s have backups of their hard drives, or actual CD’s and a CD player on hand as a backup so should you, if having music is important at your event. 

Usually, a Laptop with an iPod, Smart Phone or Tablet as a backup is the best.  

I used to suggest burning the songs to CD's and bringing the CD's with a portable CD player, but now I just recommend you use Spotify.  With Spotify, you can download your playlists from any device that can go on-line.  This means any smart phone can now be your backup.

Need that power cord or charger!

And of course, along with a backup player, make sure you bring the power cord or the charger for the backup player as well.  You don't want your backup to fail also because you run the battery down.

Having Backup Players

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The number one thing most customers do not do...Bring a Backup!