Just Press Play Productions

Professional speaker rental in Chicago, Hawaii and San Antonio

Wireless Microphone and Boom Stand (more versatile)

$50 for the entire event

Compact Speaker System

$190 for events with less than 50 guests

Excellent!  You want to Just Press Play. 
This is our most popular service and is very simple. 

2 Speaker Systems

$300 for events with less than 300 guests

Our Basic Service includes our Bose speaker systems which deliver sound at 180 degrees from the speaker towers.  This means you can put the system anywhere in your event space and the sound from our speaker system will fill the entire area. 

You compile the music on your portable music players and we connect your players to our Bose speaker systems.  We just connect into the headphone jack of your player so it can be any generation, any brand and any size. All Bose Systems take up approximately 4’ x 4’ of space max for each system.

Speaker Rental in Chicago

1 Speaker System

$200 for events with less than 150 guests

All systems are delivered, setup, and picked up and come with a wired microphone and a boom microphone stand. 

Speaker System Move
Need to have the speaker system moved from one location to another at the same venue? $60

Add Compact System to your Speaker Rental
Perfect for having sound in a second area at the same venue and not having to move your main system.  $80  **This price is available only when adding on to a rental of one of our main speaker systems

3 Speaker Systems

$400 for events with less than 450 guests

Additional Services

Basic Light Show
Two colored lights that flash automatically to the music, mounted on a light stand. $50

Mirror Ball Light Effect
Disco Ball Effect, slow spinning white lights. A nice classic and simple effect. $40

Basic Light Show and Mirror Ball Light Effect
Combines both lights for more effect. $60