Just Press Play Productions

Professional speaker rental in Chicago, Hawaii and San Antonio

We can also provide small mixing boards for small bands, 2-3 musicians.

Bose Systems for you to connect to your mixing board.

Bose Compact System for Solo or Duo for less than 50 guests = $190
One Bose System for about up to 100/150 guests = $200
Two Bose Systems for about up to 150/200 guests = $300
Three Bose Systems for about up to 250/300 guests = $400
Four Bose Systems for about up to 400/500 guests = $500
Small mixers, 3-6 Channels = $35-$50 each
SM58 or SM57 Mics and Boom Mic Stands = $10 each
Wireless Handheld Mics and Boom Stands = $50 each
Sound Man Service = $30 per hour in addition to speaker rental