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Laptops Are #1

Tablets and iPads are not as great as having a laptop, but is better than an iPod or a phone.

Here are some of the reasons why...

  • You will not get crossfade on a iPad with iTunes.  But you can get it with Spotify.  
  • Bigger screen allows you to move and edit playlists easier.
  • More playlist editing functions available.

Tablets, and iPads make really good backup players to a Laptop.  

Especially, helpful if you are having music in two different areas.  For example a cocktail hour in one location and the reception in another location.

We do not recommend iPod's and Smart Phones as a your primary player.  

Often, this is the only player customers show up with.  It will work, but it makes managing your music much tougher.  Also allows for more errors to happen.  For example: It's easier to start a song accidentally, harder to find a song or playlist quickly, difficult to see what has played, lacks many playlist editing features.

This is a very popular player as a backup.  And as long as it can stay at the DJ table next to the Primary player, then great.  Sometimes with the backup player being a phone, customers don't want to give up their phone for the whole party.  If you choose to have the backup on a phone, pick a phone that you don't need access to for the whole party.

*Please Note.  We have the adaptors for iPhones that don't have a headphone jack.  But some Google phones also so not have a headphone jack.  You will need to bring your own headphone adapter if you have one of these Google phones.

What Kind of Player Should I Use?

#1 Best Option: Laptop  #2 Tablet/iPad  #3 iPod/Phone

As far as good music players for your wedding, party or event we recommend a Laptop as your primary player.  Here is why...

  • They are more stable, easier to access the music and see the music.  Add a mouse to the laptop and it really makes life fantastic while playing the music.  Be sure to bring the AC plug so that you don't run out of battery power!
  • iTunes, Spotify, AIMP3 and others have crossfade features built in for the laptop versions.  

Things to keep in mind when using your laptop:

  • Be sure to turn off any lock's that computer may have if there is no activity.  If you set a playlist on shuffle for an hour and come back it may have turned the screen off and then you have to log back in.  If you need to change the music quickly, this can be a problem.
  • Be sure to turn off your sound effects.  If your computer makes a ding, when you adjust the volume or move songs around etc., this will play over your music.  So just turn the sound effects off during your event.

And even though having a laptop is the best primary player, having a backup on a tablet, phone, iPod etc. is always recommended.

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