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Regardless what the music is, live band, DJ, or your iPod Just Press Play has the Sound Solution for your party.

Jeff was great - easy set-up, and I never had to worry about the sound system the whole day. Totally painless!

Bose® L1® systems For Sale

***All Bose L1 Systems on sale now through December 31st, 2015.  Now is the best time to get your new Bose L1 System.***

Just Press Play Productions is an authorized dealer of the Bose® L1® portable line array systems. 

What sets us apart from other Bose outlets is that we will provide personal customer service before, during and after the sale.  We special order every system for each unique customer and their needs, so we never try to sell you something just because we have one in stock.  In most cases, shipping is free or discounted! 

We bring the system to you!  This way you can try it out in the venue or at your rehearsal space.  Or you can come to our new showroom and see the systems side by side first.

Just Press Play Produtions
653 S. 8th St. (IL Rte. 31), Suite 103
(In the Century Plaza Shopping Center right nest to the Chocolate Cafe, Cocoa Cabana)
West Dundee, IL 60118

(Please Call for an Appointment at 847-660-0256)


And if you purchase a Bose L1 product from us we can also get you all the microphones and cables you need at great prices.  Just Press Play, your one stop shop to put you on the road of simplicity and sound that will put you ahead of the rest!   


Save 10% on all Bose L1 Systems now through December 31st!


The very same systems we rent out to bands, for weddings, parties, meetings and so much more.

Bose® L1® portable line array systems make it easy to get exceptional amplified tone from any voice or instrument. Their wide, uniform sound coverage helps them fill the venue with sound in a way no ordinary speaker can.

Need A Better PA System?

Would you like the following?

-A lighter, more compact PA system
-Faster, easier set-up/tear-down time
-More stage space
-Have your audience see the band rather than stacks of speakers
-Leave your monitor system at home
-A cleaner, clearer, realistic mix
-Look and sound better than your competition

All Bose® dealers are required to sell the L1® systems at the same
price, but Just Press Play Productions is the only Chicago area dealer
providing a FREE DEMO AT YOUR SITE.*

The Bose® L1®  system is not for everyone. Our experience as a full time rental company of the Bose® L1® products can help identify you as
someone who will benefit greatly using the Bose® L1® system.

You can't sound like everyone else and then expect to beat everyone else out of getting that next gig.

Our best salesperson is a happy customer, so if you buy, we'll help you get the right sound.

To qualify for a FREE DEMO* Call us at (847) 660-0256 Hawaii (808) 372-1601.

All systems come with a Full Bose® Corporation Warranty. 5 Years on the speakers, 2 years on the power stand, and 2 years on the electronics.

And of course if you want to rent some systems and try them out first we can do that too.  

We can make the ownership of a new Bose® L1®  system so easy, from the training of how to use it, to the rental of systems to try out for a few gigs, to the purchase of your very own L1 system to suit you and your needs perfectly.

For more information contact us at: (847) 660-0256 Hawaii (808) 372-1601.

* *The FREE DEMO is available for customers in the Chicagoland area, Fort Wayne, IN, and Oahu, HI for people seriously interested in a new PA system.  A $100 Demo fee will be charged but this fee will be waived if you are not at all happy with the system or if you end up purchasing the  Bose® L1®  product from Just Press Play Productions.



L1® Model II system

The L1 Model II system combined with the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine represents our most advanced, best-performing system for musicians.

Tone. Coverage. Portability.

New Directions in Live Sound.

Put it All Behind You.

More than just a speaker system – this is a completely different approach to live sound. Start with the new L1® Model II system for our smoothest, most consistent sound coverage. Add the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine, and you get access to powerful new tone-shaping technologies available only from Bose. The result is a system that takes the guesswork out of getting exceptional tone and fills the room with your sound in a way no ordinary speaker can. All from our most compact and portable L1 system ever.

Take your live sound in a new direction.  Find out how call Just Play Productions Today at (847) 660-0256 Hawaii (808) 372-1601


L1® Model 1S System

The L1 Model 1S system connects musicians, DJs and other performers with audiences of up to 300 at concerts, parties, presentations and other performance type events. Like the L1 Model II and L1 Compact, the L1 Model 1S uses proprietary technology to deliver clear, powerful sound throughout the entire listening area. Its 12-speaker articulated line array provides 180-degree horizontal coverage with less drop-off in volume over distance than conventional systems. Whether at a live music venue, the latest play by a community theater troupe, or a wedding reception with a DJ, performers and audiences hear full, detailed, tonally balanced sound whether in front of the L1 Model 1S system or off to the extreme sides. The system consists of four lightweight pieces that can be set up and broken down in minutes without the need for speaker stands or wires, and easily packs into three included carrying bags. The materials and construction are designed to meet the rigorous demands of musicians, DJs and general PA applications.

The L1 Model 1S system also includes an integrated ToneMatch® port that provides a single cable digital connection to the optional T1 ToneMatch audio engine. 


T1 ToneMatch™ Audio Engine

A new multichannel audio device designed for use with L1 Model I and Model II systems, containing our largest library of ToneMatch presets, proprietary zEQ, and a complete suite of studio-class effects and processing.

Advanced tone control technology.

Control so advanced, it adapts to you and your instrument.

The new T1 ToneMatch® audio engine features advanced tone-shaping technologies available only from Bose. Customized ToneMatch® presets instantly bring you closer to the true sound of your voice or instrument, and proprietary zEQ takes the guesswork out of fine-tuning your tone.

With these advanced ToneMatch® technologies, the high level of tone customization most musicians experience only in a recording studio is now available on stage at your live performances. Add a complete suite of studio class effects and processing, and the T1 ToneMatch audio engine makes it easier than ever to dial in your signature sound.

Take your live sound in a new direction.  Find out how call Just Play Productions Today at (847) 660-0256 Hawaii (808) 372-1601

L1® Compact system

The L1® Compact portable line array system is the latest development from Bose. This new system continues the tradition of the L1® portable line array family with the smallest, lightest, easiest-to-set up L1® system yet. The L1® Compact system is small enough to fit in your trunk or back seat, and its modular design makes setup easy and fast. No heavy speakers to lift onto stands. No speaker cables. It’s all integrated into one system.  

Audio performance.

Simplified setup.

One-trip portability.

With the L1® Compact system, you don't have to carry a separate amplifier, mixer or bass cabinet. They’re already built in. The system's power stand includes an integrated bass speaker and amplifier, plus a built-in mixer. The entire L1® Compact system weighs only 29 pounds and can be carried from the car to the venue in just one trip.
And, it’s easy to get plugged in. We’ve designed a simple but powerful 2-channel mixer that includes a dedicated channel for a dynamic handheld microphone. It features a proprietary Bose ToneMatch® preset that instantly equalizes your microphone from the moment you plug in.
Channel 2 accepts up to three inputs at once; a ¼” connection accommodates sources like guitars, keyboards, and other instruments. There’s also a ToneMatch® switch that engages a preset specifically for acoustic guitars with piezo pickups. Also included are an 1/8” input for sources like MP3 players and PCs and an RCA input for other sources like CD and DVD players.
Like the existing L1® systems, the L1® Compact system uses proprietary Bose technology to combine PA and monitors into a single system that can be positioned behind or to the side of the performer.
The L1® Compact loudspeaker array is smaller than those in L1® Model I and II systems, but it produces comparable horizontal sound coverage. L1® Model I and Model II loudspeakers project sound further with less drop-off of volume than the L1 Compact array.
The L1® Compact system features Bose® Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology which delivers sound evenly across the stage and throughout the audience―even to the extreme sides. Only one speaker is needed to deliver balanced sound throughout the room.
The L1® Compact system has two unique setup positions. If you’re performing in a small venue or rehearsal, you can put it on a table top and use it in collapsed position. Or, for times when you are playing to a larger audience room and need to project the sound throughout the room, use the two extensions included to elevate the loudspeaker array. In either position the L1® Compact system’s acoustic performance is comparable.


Just Press Play Productions also sells...

L1 Compact Accessory Package which includes:

- Shure PG48 dynamic microphone with clip, pouch and 15' microphone cable
- Stereo RCA cable (9.9')
- Mini stereo cable with 3.5mm male connectors (10')

This package will really make your L1 Compact ready to plug in and play! 


Take your live sound in a new direction.  Find out how call Just Play Productions Today at (847) 660-0256 Hawaii (808) 372-1601



B2 Bass Module

The new high‐performance B2 bass module is designed for users who require more powerful bass output for a variety of applications. Featuring two 10‐inch high excursion woofers mounted in a rugged enclosure, the B2 is engineered to work with both the L1 Model 1S and Model II systems. It includes a rear panel switch with three output settings, each of which is automatically sensed and equalized by the L1 system for optimized performance. When paired with a Model II and a Packlite® power amplifier, interlocking end caps enable up to two B2 bass modules to be stacked together.



Save 10% on all these prices now through December 31, 2015!

L1 Compact...$999  

L1 Model IS Single B1 Bass System...$1,799  

L1 Model IS Double B1 Bass System...$2,098  

L1 Model IS Single B1 Bass System with ToneMatch Audio Engine...$2,298  

L1 Model IS Double B1 Bass System with ToneMatch Audio Engine...$2,597  

L1 Model IS Single B2 Bass System...$1,999  

L1 Model IS Single B2 Bass System with ToneMatch Audio Engine...$2,498  

L1 Model II Single B1 Bass System...$2,499

L1 Model II Double B1 Bass System...$2,798  

L1 Model II Single B1 Bass System with ToneMatch audio engine...$2,998 

L1 Model II Double B1 Bass System with ToneMatch audio engine...$3,297  

L1 Model II Single B2 Bass System...$2,699  

L1 Model II Single B2 Bass System with ToneMatch Audio Engine...$3,198  

L1 Model II Double B2 Bass System with A1 PackLite Bass Amp...$3,599  

L1 Model II Double B2 Bass System with A1 PackLite Bass Amp and ToneMatch Audio Engine...$4,099  


T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine...$499 

B1 Bass Module...$299  

B2 Bass Module...$499  

A1 Packlight Extended Double B1 Bass Package...$997  

A1 Packlight Extended Single B2 Bass Package...$898  



A Just Press Play Productions Only Special:

Shure L1 Compact Accessory Package...$85

(L1 Compact Accessory Package includes two cables to connect music players, a Shure PG48 Microphone with Mic Clip, Pouch and 20' Mic Cable.  Upgrade to a Shure SM58 for $145)


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Call Just Press Play Productions today at (847) 660-0256 Hawaii (808) 372-1601.



What our customers have said about Just Press Play...

I was pleased with the knowledge and experience that Jeff had as we debated what direction to go with a protable sound system.  We love the quality Bose offers.  Jeff took time to make sure we knew how to set up the system, use it properly and answer any questions.  Much better than a video or instruction guide.  If I have future needs, I know where to turn! Just Press Play. -Major Joseph Wheeler, DesPlaines, IL.


I loved that they personally delivered the system.  They were very flexible and delivered them to my place of work. -Jacob Lawhead, Plainfield, IL


Just Press Play was great to work with and very knowledgable when purchasing my Bose L1 Model I system.  I Love It! - Dick Polley, Garden Valley, Idaho


I had a fantastic experience with Just Press Play Productions.  I am new to the DJ/Karaoke business, so I initially was a bit intimidated by the equipment, as I am not "technically" gifted.  I was happy to discover Jeff is very knowledgable and helpful.  He really eased my anxiety by explaining how to use the equipment in a way that was easy for me to understand.  I found him to be extremely patient with me, which I appreciate more than anything.  As I left Jeff's demo, I was worried that I may forget some of the things he showed me, but he even sent additional notes (along with manuals) with me, and encouraged me to call or e-mail if I had questions.  I have done so on more than one occasion, and he has always been so helpful and kind.  I would definitely recommend Just Press Play Productions, because you will receive stellar personalized customer service! - Jolene Van Beek, Northeastern, Wisconsin.


Jeff was extremely easy to work with.  He was very flexible with his schedule and willing to meet any time that was convenient for us.  We love our new system and we highly recommend Just Press Play Productions with no Reservations. - Amy Runyon, Barrington Middle School, Station Campus. 

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