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Professional speaker rental in Chicago, Hawaii and San Antonio

GIG ASSIGNED: 091519-1

Sound For:     Jeff Prussack and Jessica Lau Wedding
Address:         Woman’s Club of Evanston
                        1702 Chicago Avenue
                        Evanston, IL  
Event Date:    September 15, 2019 - Sunday 
Event Times:  6 – 11:30 pm
Set-up:            4:30 pm                                   Pickup:          11:30 pm
Load Details: Loading dock in rear or you can load in through front. Pull your car up to the parking spot in corner or park as close as you can to access the ramp in front. On-site person named Elvis can help with load-in needs, electricity, tables, etc.Event Details: Bose Speaker Rental for DJ Jeremey Gibson 718-551-8335.  Has RCA inputs.

Notes:  Setup and Pickup Gig


Sound For:     Lorenzo Cabrera Wedding
Address:         Floating World Gallery – Gallery & Back Brick Room
                       1925 N. Halsted                                                         
                       Chicago, IL                                                                
Event Date:    June 29, 2019 - Saturday
Event Times:  5 pm – Midnight
Set-up:            3:30 pm                                   Pickup:          Midnight
Load Details: Small Loading Zone. Check in with Alan and he will instruct you where to load in. Free street parking available but scarce. Arrive early and you can usually find a space.   

Event Details: Bose Speaker and Compact Speaker Rental with Wireless Mic.  I'm trying to figure out sound and music for my wedding. I have a DJ coming in, but wanted to know if you had these specific items for him: 2 CDJ 2000 Players 1 Pioneer S9 Mixer 1 Monitor 1 Power Strip 2 Speakers that are normally used for the FW Gallery 

Notes:  Setup and Pickup Gig. Not sure they will book us, because we don't have the DJ gear they want.


Sound For:     Jon Zieve and Janet Klein-Wright Wedding Ceremony        
Address:         North Shore Yacht Club (On Beach)
                       21 Park Ave.
                       Highland Park, IL 60035
Event Date:    September 14, 2019  - Saturday
Event Times:  6 – 7 pm
Set-up:            4:30 pm                                  
Load Details: TBD
Event Details: Bose Compact Speaker Rental with Wireless Mic on a Boom Mic Stand and Sound Man Service. For less than 150 guests.  

Notes:  1 Hour MC Gig


Sound For:     Lena Virasch Wedding
Address:         Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza – Wolf Point Ballroom/LaSalle Room
                        350 W. Mart Center Dr.
                        Chicago, IL  60654
Event Date:    August 31, 2019-Saturday       
Event Times:  5 pm - Midnight
Set-up:            3 pm                           
Load Details: Loading dock 6A, turn to the right, away from self-park. Take elevator to 14th floor, check in with security, then continue to 15th floor. Go through kitchen and ask for directions.
Event Details: Bose Speaker and Wireless Mic Rental with MC Service for Ceremony in LaSalle Room, Cocktails outside of WP and Reception in Wolf Point Ballroom. For less than 150 guests. 

Notes:  MC Gig

 Please be sure your schedule is up to date.  If you have not submitted your schedule of days  NOT AVAILABLE, please do so ASAP.  Thank you.


Sound For:     Heather O’Brien Wedding
Address:         Private Residence
                       39W453 Baert Road
                       St. Charles, IL
Event Date:    June 29, 2019 - Saturday
Event Times:  3 – 10 pm
Set-up:            1:30 pm                                   Pickup:          10 pm
Load Details: TBD
 Event Details: Bose Speaker Rental with a Wireless Mic.    

Notes:  Setup and Pickup Gig.  Ready to book us.


Sound For:     McKenna Woeltjen and Jake Dehuel
Address:         Emil Bach House – In Gardens
                       7415 N Sheridan Rd.
                       Chicago, IL
Event Date:    June 29, 2019-Saturday
Event Times:  12:30 – 6 pm (Ceremony starts at 1 pm)
Set-up:            11 am                          Pickup:          6-6:30 pm
Load Details: Load in through open gate into alley.
Event Details: Bose Speaker Rental with Wireless Mic.  For less than 100 guests.

Notes:  Setup and Pickup Gig


Sound For:     Graham Ortmann Wedding
Address:         Heritage Prairie Farm
                        2N308 Brundige Road                                   
                        Elburn, IL 60119
Event Date:    September 15, 2019 - Sunday  
Event Times:  2 – 8:30 pm
Set-up:            12:30 pm                                 Pickup:          8:30 pm
Load Details: Pull into lot and follow path to left. Pull up onto gravel extension for offloading. Back up and follow path to right to rear parking lot.
Event Details: Bose Speaker Rental with Wireless Mic for Tent Only. For about 100 guests.  May add on the Bose Compact later.  

Notes:  Setup and Pickup Gig.  Contract returned, just waiting on deposit.



Sound For:     Xin Fang Wedding
Address:         Columbus Park Refectory
                        5701 West Jackson Blvd.
                        Chicago, IL
Event Date:    July 20, 2019 -Saturday
Event Times:  5:30 – 9:30 pm
Set-up:            4 pm                            Pickup:          9:30 pm
Load Details: Pull up to stairs in front and easy to load in up narrow and steep stairs.  Parking on the side of the building for the outdoor patio area too. 
Event Details: Bose Speaker Rental with Wireless Mic for the Dining Room and the Dancing Room.      

Notes:  Setup and Pickup

ATTENTION:  Labor Day Weekend and Memorial Day Weekend are the two busiest weekends.  If you have not posted your availability for these weekends yet, please do so ASAP so I have an idea on how many gigs we can handle.  

DESCRIPTION of Postings:

GIG AVAILABLE = This is a gig that has been booked and is ready to be awarded.  You will be sent a contract if the gig is awarded to you.

PROPOSAL = Someone has inquired about our services for this date.  It is not confirmed.  You will be informed if the gig does book or if they decide not to book our services.  If you accept a Proposal, and you don't get a contract but something comes up, please ask before not being available.  

Consideration for Awarding of Gigs:

1.  Seniority  2.  Who replies first.  3. Good customer feedback  4.  Ability to put all gear and cables back correctly.  5.  Those who return feedback right after the gig.    (Also, the availability of gear from your locker will be a consideration.  Please let me know if you do not care which locker you pick gear up from)

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have ever not shown up to a gig on time or tried to back out of an assigned gig, without asking for my help to cover you first, you will be moved to the bottom of the list.  

Interested in Gig or Proposal:  Please fill this out if you are interested in a gig or proposal posted above.