Just Press Play Productions

Professional speaker rental in Chicago, Hawaii and San Antonio


How Does It Work?


-You compile music playlists on programs like Spotify and iTunes on your laptop, tablet, phone or iPod

-We connect your player to our Bose Speaker Systems.

-You press play or hire us to press play.

Just Press Play will deliver, setup, and pickup all equipment.  We even provide you with a microphone and microphone stand for free!

hire MC

Welcome to the windy city where Just Press Play is giving customers the opportunity to have the party, event or wedding they want with the music they choose.  Our professional Bose speaker systems can be setup in backyards, banquet halls, historic buildings, barns, farms, parks, arboretums and even your home.  If they have electricity we are there!


Just Press Play provides a professional, affordable, on time and a-la carte service.  You rent only the services and equipment you need and nothing you don't need.  However, we never rent a Bose speaker system without a microphone and microphone stand included.  Seems silly to have a speaker and not have the ability to speak your mind.

All rentals come with delivery, setup and pickup included.  We want to insure you are set up and everything is working perfectly.  Plus, you have an event or party to plan and guests to get ready for.  There is no need for you to be running around trying to find speakers and microphones.  With our staff on site for your setup we can assist in the best location for the placement of our speaker systems so everyone can hear.  And at the end of the party or event, we will pick everything up then, not the next day.